Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confession Time

Hi my friends and readers! I have taken a few weeks off from blogging, and I thank you for sticking around to see what else I have to say :-) So, to kick off my return, it’s time for some confessions.

#1: I have been a bad blogger.

Lately, I have had trouble finding the time and motivation to blog. (Probably has something to do with that new-mom-sleep-deprivation thing.) Also, probably has to do with some of the following shameful confessions. I promise to do better, and that some great and more frequent posts are in the works.

#2: I have not exercised in several weeks now.



In the past couple of weeks, I went from steady to sporadic to nothing in the exercise department. I have been too tired, it’s been too hot, it’s been raining a lot of nights, and other times I’ve just been plain ol’ lazy! All of these excuses are lame (especially the hot and rain ones cause I have an elliptical I could be using but I’m not), but there they are. I am going to make myself be more active in the coming days, and once I at least get moving a little, I’ll be working on an exercise plan and schedule. More on that to come.

#3: I have been eating REALLY BADLY.

bad diet (source)

I think my healthy eating habits grew wings and flew away. :-P But seriously, I have basically just been eating whatever and whenever, and that has got to stop. I have decided to try and eat the types of things I was eating while I had gestational diabetes again, because I ate really healthy then. I will probably end up incorporating those habits with my pre-preggo eating habits that included counting calories and keeping a balance of proteins, carbs and healthy fats (found in Body for Life). Basically, I want to find a way to use all of my knowledge to create a really great eating plan. Yes, that totally sounds complicated, but I promise I won’t post anything that is too complicated to follow. :-) I also will be keeping a food journal, because that is a really important part of successfully starting a new eating plan. I really just want to be able to be successful at eating well. I’ll let you know more as I come up with something good.

#4: I have gained back 10 pounds :-(

weight gain (source)

UGH! This puts me back to 140 lbs. I feel terrible like this. I’m only 5’3”, and I carry a lot of my weight in my belly, which is really unhealthy. According to an online BMI calculator, my BMI is 24.8, and according to my scale (which measures body fat %), my body fat percentage is 31.5%. Normal BMI is 18.5-24.9, overweight is 25 and up. Normal body fat percentage is 25-31, overweight is 32 and up. Both of these measures put me right on the edge of overweight. UGH! This makes me feel even worse!! About a year and a half ago, I was at my all-time low of 118 lbs, so I’m now 22 lbs heavier than that. My goal now is to lose at least 20 lbs.


I write these confessions because that’s what this blog is all about- honesty, accountability, openness, sharing and relating. I want to honestly share my journey, efforts, failures and successes so that in the process I can help a few of you as well. I encourage you to be open as well, and share what you’re struggling with so we can all work through it together! And there will always be unconditional acceptance and support around here, so don’t be embarrassed! Let’s all share below!

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