Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 FitGoals - Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

We are wrapping up the second week of 2012, and the second week of my 2012 FitGoals. As promised in my last post, I wanted to give a brief recap of what I have done so far.


Breakfast - I have replaced all breakfasts with a protein shake. So far, I have tried SlimFast and Special K shakes. I'll be doing a comparison of these later this week. I think that one morning last weekend I did break down and have some cereal, but overall I didn't do bad at all, and I was less hungry than I expected.

Lunch - Most lunches so far have either been Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice or leftovers. If whatever my chosen lunch may be is on the lower calorie side, I will add on one of those Lean Cuisine snack things. (My fave so far is the Broccoli-n-Cheese dip with pita bread. SO GOOD!)

Dinner - I have cooked the majority of nights so far, which by the way I am super proud of myself for doing :-P (I have never claimed to be a good cook....or even a cook at all...). I have tried to have a healthy protein with a (fairly) healthy carb, and added on a veggie.

Snacks - Snacks have consists of protein bars, cheese with sliced turkey, Greek yogurt, or a Lean Cuisine snack I talked about above just by itself.


My goal was to exercise 1 time in week 1, and 2 times in week 2. I did accomplish that.

On 1/2/12 I did my first run of the year. I ran 2.1 miles in 25:26 which equates to a 12:10 minute mile. I of course did some walking as well, but I definitely ran for at least 3/4 of it.

On 1/12/12 I did an elliptical workout. I used it for 30 minutes, burning 425 calories, 74.3 carbs and a distance of 1812.

On 1/15/12 I actually ended up doing 2 (!!) workouts! I went for a run earlier in the day, and then after realizing how badly I had eaten, I did an elliptical workout too. My run was 2.3 miles in 27:37 which is a 12:06 minute mile (improvement!). According to my favorite calorie burn calculator, I burned 250 calories doing this. :-) My elliptical workout was for 30 minutes, I burned 357 calories, 62.3 carbs with a distance of 1710. That's a total of 607 calories burned!! Yay!

Today was not a typical day, so I don't expect to burn that many calories on a normal day, and I definitely don't expect to get 2 workouts in on a normal day. However, it just so happened that I was able to do it today, so I took advantage of the opportunity.
That's how my first 2 weeks of FitGoals have gone. How have yours been? Have you achieved any big goals yet?

Fitness in the New Year

Happy (late) New Year, friends!

This time of year is the most popular time to make new fitness goals and start living a fit life. I, like many others, have done the same. I am trying to start slow so that I don't get burned out by February, so I haven't made lots of lofty goals. I set goals for myself that I feel I can live with and actually accomplish. I will share them with you, and then see how I'm doing on them. My driving purpose behind the goals is to lose this baby weight once and for all, and to finally live a truly healthy and fit life.

2012 FitLife Goals:

-Lose 30 lbs. This will be accomplished by meeting the below goals.

-Eat right. I am replacing breakfast, which has always been a hard meal for me, with a protein shake. I am eating healthy for lunch, and eating out less. I am snacking less. I am attempting to make a healthy dinner, and if that fails, then I just eat less of whatever I make.

-Begin working out again, with serious intentions this time. I will begin with working out 1 day per week, and add another day each week. That means that week 1, I work out 1 day. Week 2, I work out 2 days. I will build up to 5 days per week.

-Once exercise is a real part of my life, add weight lifting. This will increase the effectiveness of my workouts and I will build muscle and burn more calories to maintain the weight loss I achieve.

-Journaling. I got a great planner from my job for the new year, so I plan on using it to keep track of my calorie intake and exercise each day.

I will post more detail on each goal in the coming days. This is just a brief overview, so stay tuned for more :-)

So how am I doing on these goals? So far, so good.

I exercised 1 day in week 1. I have exercised 2 days in week 2. Next up is week 3!

I have been attempting to eat healthy. I have drank a protein shake every morning for breakfast. The first week was a little challenging, but I have gotten used to it and actually enjoy them now. I have eaten out for lunch less, and when I did I made sure to get something decently healthy. I have made really good stuff for dinner, and a lot of days took the leftovers for lunch the next day, which also saves money! :-)

I have lost........2 pounds! Hey, it's not a lot, but it's a start! I'm pretty proud, if I do say so myself. :-D

What are your 2012 FitLife goals? Have you made any progress on them yet?